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Encountering the Humanity of Jesus Christ in the Easter Season

In the mid-fifth century, at the First Council of Ephesus (431 AD), and later at the Council of Chalcedon (451 AD), the early Church fathers outlined the orthodox belief in the hypostatic union, positing that “the properties of the Divine and the human nature [of Christ] might be acknowledged to remain in him without causing a division [so] as to...

04 26 2016

How the Christian Worldview Offers the Most Eloquent Response to the Question of the Human Heart…

I looked at the map. It was as incomprehensible as my handwriting. “Somehow from this series of lines, I have to make a decision that will dictate the success and safety of our trip.” I had to decide where we would backcountry ski that day. One wrong decision and we could be swept away by an avalanche. Or even worse – I could lead the grou...

01 12 2015

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