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Financial Honesty in Marriage

Tony and Laura are newlyweds who have been married just one year.  They came to my office visibly angry with each other.  Laura was angry because Tony had a secret credit card that he had been using to view pornography and attend strip clubs.  Tony was angry with Laura because she had amassed over $40,000 is student loan and credit card debt, wh...

05 25 2019

Why We Need Friends That Tell It like It Is

I must have been a freshman or sophomore in high school around 1958-1959. Stepping out onto our front porch in Lawler, Iowa, there was no doubt in my mind that GQ Magazine would be asking to feature me on their next cover. I felt quite dapper looking into the mirror before going outside to impress the world. Well, if not the world, at least my bud...

03 17 2019

Four Qualities for Authentic Friendship

“We asked 100 married men, ‘Who do you talk to first when your wife finds out you’ve cheated on her?’” I heard this question recently on a re-run episode of the classic dinnertime game show “Family Feud.” Funny the things we remember, right? Oddly, I also recall the number one answer was “bartender.” Really? Yep. The number one pe...

06 12 2018

Stop Trying to Know Everything

I am confident that I speak for more than just myself when I say that the aftermath of the inauguration of Donald Trump as our 45th president has been incredibly disheartening.  Some feel disheartened because of Trump’s executive orders, others because of his cabinet picks, still others because of his supreme court pick.  While I certainly have...

02 27 2017

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