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Dressing like death and looking at death

Halloween has its roots in All-Hallow’s Eve and so is rooted in Christianity, at least in name. Despite this, a writer on liturgical traditions, Fr. Francis Weiser, has pointed out that many of the traditions of Halloween are not rooted in Christianity but in heathen practices from druid times. Whether Halloween was inspired by paganism of not, i...

11 02 2020

Facing “Reformation Day” This Halloween

In an unhappy convergence, the Reformation began on the vigil of All Saints or All Hallows Eve 500 years ago today. Not much happened that day, just a public communication of a bunch of theses. The Germans did not dress up or enjoy bobbing for apples. But, maybe a few spooks did get out of the bag. Martin Luther faced difficult choices as he fac...

10 30 2017

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