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Why We Need Friends That Tell It like It Is

I must have been a freshman or sophomore in high school around 1958-1959. Stepping out onto our front porch in Lawler, Iowa, there was no doubt in my mind that GQ Magazine would be asking to feature me on their next cover. I felt quite dapper looking into the mirror before going outside to impress the world. Well, if not the world, at least my bud...

03 17 2019

Forget Your Network. Make Friends.

By: Colin Murphy As I was leaving college and entering the working world, the most common advice I received was, “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” This maxim emphasizes the importance of networking, but it’s problematic. There are many different levels of knowing, and networking often keeps our knowing at the most surface leve...

01 23 2019

Men, Remember Memorial Day

As my friend shared his thoughts on the occasion of his son’s birth yesterday, he reflected that “It [his son’s birth] is good, meaningful, and a witness against death that marches with the intensity of a mob and the intention of a cancer.” I couldn’t agree more that the miracle of life and the beauty of an innocent child are incredible p...

05 28 2018

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