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Is There a Catholic Back-to-the-Land Movement?

There are many Church-y “efforts” these days.  People see the devastation of this post-whatever era we are in and want to work to recover some sanity, or sanctity, or both.  Even if the results are mixed, there’s a simple and sincere desire to bring the wildly broad love of God to people starving for it. “We all know the way we’ve been ...

09 04 2017

This Is Your Invitation To Retreat On The Farm

This article is an invitation to St. Joseph’s Farm.  For now, this event is limited to Exodus 90 men, preferably groups of brothers that went through Exodus together.  Spots are open for Memorial Day weekend, May 26-29.  The cost is $280 and includes lodging and food alongside The Green River in Western, NC.   My wife and I began our littl...

05 09 2017

True Mentoring

A good father in his home is relatively easy to visualize and define: spend time with your kids, love them, and teach them what they need to be taught by their father. But what does a mentor do? How does he set out from ground zero, inspired to invest more of himself in the lives of the next generations? In Fraternus we teach the men a principle...

01 22 2016

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