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Are Non-Violent Saints Wimps?

In “average” men there is an understandable fear that Christians are wimpy.  To imitate Jesus, “meek and humble,” is hard enough, but the same Jesus also asks us to turn our cheek when struck.  Not to mention Jesus gave up His life in the end, without a fight – Peter was rebuked when he tried to fight back during Jesus’ arrest.  Is ...

06 23 2021

Staying Through Scandal

By: Jack McCarthy Over the last three to four months, an evil has been revealed inside The Holy Mother Church, it is vast, it is powerful, and those who serve it are intelligent. This evil that I am speaking of is the evil of Homosexual and Pedophilia-based clerical abuse. I don't rightfully know where to begin, it has been very frightening f...

12 29 2018

No Fortitude – Why Some Give Up on Christ

What makes a man “give up” or “give in”?  We presume this means some sort of ceding of ground to either an enemy or a lesser good. “Tossing in the towel,” is another way of saying it, which comes from a boxer giving up the fight.  There seems to be two main reasons we give up on something we formerly chose: we either lose sight of th...

10 09 2018

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