By: Jack McCarthy

Over the last three to four months, an evil has been revealed inside The Holy Mother Church, it is vast, it is powerful, and those who serve it are intelligent. This evil that I am speaking of is the evil of Homosexual and Pedophilia-based clerical abuse.

I don’t rightfully know where to begin, it has been very frightening for lack of a better term. I myself internally knew that something wasn’t right in The Church, I think I always knew that corruption had been inside her, I guessed as much when I found out that Bishops and Priests had been contradicting Scripture on the subject of Homosexuality. I’m not here to break down the latest news, or Cardinal Vigano’s now three letters revealing corruption in all levels of The Church. That’s now old news.

I am here to help those who will listen. I know that some are ashamed to be Catholic, I understand this, but do you think Christ was ashamed when he was stripped naked, whipped, forced to carry something twice his own weight up a mountain, and then crucified on that mountain? Do you think he was ashamed to do that for you? I didn’t think so. So when men abuse the Holy Office that Christ gave them, you shouldn’t be ashamed to be Catholic, you should be outraged that someone would do that, you should begin to pray tirelessly, you shouldn’t forsake Christ and His Church because of evil men taking advantage of others.

What you should do is be like Christ in the Temple, Christ took evil out His Father’s Temple, why shouldn’t we cast evil out of Christ’s Bride? We shouldn’t feel ashamed about this, we should feel sorrowful, but we should also feel the need to rise up against evil, against the corruption the Evil One has inflicted on The Church, our home, and we should feel the need to spread the justice of God, but also his mercy and forgiveness for those who repent. We should act like Christ, and if those who have damaged The Church of Christ are remorseful and truly wish to repent, we should forgive them.  We will forgive.

Some of the scandals are so grave that I know it sounds crazy and somewhat unjust to just forgive, but it really isn’t. If God can forgive and change murderers and terrorists, then I truly believe he can forgive and change the perverts who have hurt Christ’s Bride. I know very well how difficult it is to keep the Faith. I have personally felt how difficult it is to pray in church after something like this has happened. Through these trying times, we must have Fortitude. If we do not have courage, we do not have faith. And if we do not have faith, we surrender ourselves to the servants of Darkness, and if we do that, we cede this space to lesser men. I will leave you today with the words of Saint Pope John Paul II,

“Darkness can only be scattered by Light, Hatred can only be conquered by Love.”

12 / 29 / 2018
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