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A New Kind of Porn Addiction for Teens

Bill and Sandy came to my office with their son Kevin, age 15.  Kevin was addicted to Internet pornography.  He had been viewing it daily on his smartphone for over four years.  Along with viewing pornography, Kevin was masturbating daily.  The first time Bill and Sandy caught Kevin, they believed it was just an adolescent phase and that he wou...

03 20 2019

Staying Through Scandal

By: Jack McCarthy Over the last three to four months, an evil has been revealed inside The Holy Mother Church, it is vast, it is powerful, and those who serve it are intelligent. This evil that I am speaking of is the evil of Homosexual and Pedophilia-based clerical abuse. I don't rightfully know where to begin, it has been very frightening f...

12 29 2018

When a Priest Struggles: Obstacles to Getting Help

This article is for all the priests who regularly visit ThoseCatholicMen.com and for their family and friends.  Internet pornography addiction is an epidemic in America, and priests are not immune to it.  This article is designed to help priests overcome the obstacle to getting the help they need and deserve. As with all addictions, getting he...

03 07 2018

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