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Catholicism Has Always Been a Liberator of Women

Prior to Christianity, women were 2nd class citizens. We see some of this evidenced in Scripture, but non-biblical sources provide even more details about the plight of women prior to Christianity. Whether you study Judaism, Confucianism, Hinduism or any other world religion or culture, women were at best, objectified in the 1st Century. Women were...

02 16 2018

When Feminism Takes Dad’s Place

Is feminism really that powerful?  I think in its radical forms – especially with dashes of Marxism – it is a positive danger, but in many ways they are not creating the bad image of the father and man, but rather filling a void left behind when dad is not present enough, or present in abusive ways. In his book Iron John, Robert Bly[1]...

02 07 2017

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