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The World Does Not Honor the Housewife, So We Must

The word “vocation” gets sort of abused by both the world and in Churchy-talk.  In the Church we use it to refer only in the sense of the objective states in life of marriage and the priesthood or religious life.  In the world, it usually refers just to a specific skill or job, usually one of humble estate – a “vocational school” is whe...

03 07 2019

Great Men and Women: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Husbands, fathers, brothers, friends... we need to strive to be strong men and help cultivate the next generation of men. We are surrounded by too many males who do not understand their natural roles or just choose to abdicate their responsibilities because society has told them that the truth about being a man has somehow changed. We are being ask...

01 31 2019

The Masculine Genius

I was listening to a talk on a Lighthouse Media CD by Dr. Phillip Mango entitled Understanding the Opposite Sex. In this entertaining and informative talk Dr. Mango, a retired Marine from New Jersey now in psychology, shows how Theology of the Body (Pope St. John Paul II) and psychology can help heal our understanding of sexuality, gender, and rela...

By Fr. Ryan O'Neill 12 05 2015

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