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Is There a Catholic Back-to-the-Land Movement?

There are many Church-y “efforts” these days.  People see the devastation of this post-whatever era we are in and want to work to recover some sanity, or sanctity, or both.  Even if the results are mixed, there’s a simple and sincere desire to bring the wildly broad love of God to people starving for it. “We all know the way we’ve been ...

09 04 2017

Chastity Is for Everyone, Even If You’re Married

“No, Father, I haven’t thought about chastity since I was in high school. Besides, I’m married.” I have heard these words many times when talking to men about their struggles with sexual sin. There seems to be an unspoken understanding among Catholic men that chastity is only a virtue for those of us who are not committed to a wife. Almost ...

03 31 2016

Brothers: Quit the Comfort. Fight for Your Freedom.

The morning was gloomy with drizzle, my lungs stung from the effort I’d already put forth and there, in the distance, I could see the shadow of my goal… the flagpole in my neighbors yard. I had just begun the third round of my workout and there were only 50 meters left before I was able to turn around and head home for the final stretch. ...

03 23 2016

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