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A Different Way Of Thinking About Ecumenism

The proof that Catholic doctrine is inspired by and imbued with the Spirit of Christ is that it can hold two “extremes” in perfect tension with one another so that they “work” in harmony.  As a bow holds a string in tension and sends an arrow off to its end, so too the Church keeps apparent contradictions in tension so that we can be sent ...

09 21 2017

Explaining To Protestant Family And Friends Why They Can’t Receive Communion

Sometimes around big holidays we find ourselves in conversations with friends and family who might be attending Mass with us but are not Catholic. In today’ world, to say “no, you can’t do that” is tantamount to telling someone they are the scum of the earth with no freedoms.  So, when it comes time to explain to them that they cannot r...

05 18 2017

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