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The Gospel and Conscience

Recently over breakfast, two laymen here in the United States "came out of the closet" in their conversations with me. Actually, these were two totally different conversations. Neither man even knows each other. Both have been striving for chastity and faithfulness to the teachings of the Church for many years (which is why I put the above “close...

01 29 2016

A Pilgrimage to Beauty: The Gandegghütte

It was one year ago today that we set out on a pilgrimage to beauty. Like all pilgrims, we were in search of the God lost in Eden. But unlike most pilgrims, our path was not a physical journey, but a transcendental one. The way of this pilgrimage was beauty itself. Seeking God who is himself the fullness of beauty, we took the great theological aes...

06 22 2014

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