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Should Women Be Punished for Having an Abortion?

In an recent MSNBC interview, Chris Matthews and Donald Trump were discussing the logistics of banning abortion in the United States. Mr. Matthews asked the Republican frontrunner if women who have an abortion should be punished since Mr. Trump’s pro-life views hold that abortion is the willful destruction of a human life and, as such, should be ...

04 14 2016

Finding the Kernel of Truth in Donald Trump: Fraternal Correction

"I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct." -Donald Trump, August 2015 Much maligned by press and pundit, but increasingly approved by the general population, Donald Trump has, in recent months, provided no shortage of controversial sound bites. Among Mr. Trump’s many colorful opinions is the belief that America h...

By Mr. Patrick Boyden 10 14 2015

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