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Catholic Divisions and The Only Two Labels That Matter in the End

© 2018 Andrew Garofalo This past Sunday’s Gospel reading tells us that the end of time will be so dramatic that some people will die of fright in anticipation of Christ’s return (Luke 21:26). “For that day will assault everyone who lives on the face of the earth” (Luke 21:35). Assault, which is associated with a physical attack, is a stro...

12 07 2018

Marxism Has Infiltrated Your Family

Have you ever sat down to a discussion with someone and an issue related to the family comes up (sex, marriage, children, contraception, abortion, etc.) and, after the tensions rise a bit, it seems as if this person is living in another world?  He may seem reasonable, yet somewhere there is a leap in logic that takes him to a world you’ve never ...

10 26 2017

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