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Are You a Whitewashed Tomb and Seeking Perfection?

Perfect. That word begins so softly but ends so sharply. It’s like kissing the mirror then taking a bite out of it. Perfectionism is something I’ve wrestled with my entire adult life. Well, let’s rope adolescence in there too because we all know high school was rough and middle school was just weird. Jesus told the Pharisees that they were...

08 22 2018

Animals Are Not Babies. Don’t Allow the Comparison

If you are anything like me you own a pet (I own several dogs). 60% of Americans own a pet of some sort (feathered, finned, or furred) so chances are if you don't own a pet you know someone who does.  I like pets, but I think its clear our society is corrupting what should be a healthy pastime into a toxic obsession and perversion of parenthood ak...

06 21 2018

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