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Catholics Should Care About the Self Destruction of Scouting

The Boy Scouts can no longer be called Boy Scouts because they now accept girls as well. Girls were allowed to join the Cub Scouts as of October, 2017. Unlike the Boy Scouts, the Cub Scouts did not have to change their name. The inconvenient presence of the word “Boy” posed a different problem this time around. Should anyone care? Aside f...

05 09 2018

What’s the Real Problem with the Boy Scouts Today?

Society is going to regret dissolving and confusing masculinity.  The Boy Scouts have announced that girls will be allowed to join, and will even be allowed to become Eagle Scouts, which, of course, caused a ruffle with, ya know, the Girl Scouts.   I think many people will, again, blame feminism, but as I’ve argued elsewhere, I think there are...

11 03 2017

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