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Bishop Cordelione, A Model of Episcopal Fatherhood

It is said that St. Francis de Sales was criticized in his day for his “simple” sermons.  In his age learning was treasured, and the way you proved your learning was through littering your orations with Hebrew, Greek, and Latin and expounding the truth in the loftiest ways possible.  The truth deserves that after all – right? Francis tho...

10 24 2017

Now is the Time: Live Differently from the World

Now “See, now is the acceptable time” (2 Cor 6:2). To all of those who thought we could scrape by without much fuss—continuing to live quietly in the midst of the world, living our Christian faith without any conflict or much attention—that time has passed. In the face of the destruction of the family and a myriad of other pressures, ev...

By Dr. Jared Staudt 12 03 2016

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