Milo Yiannopoulos is a self-proclaimed, and at this point empirically accomplished, provocateur. He managed to burn down UC Berkley without speaking one word. His recent CPAC invitation has prompted outrage after a “selectively edited” video surfaced in which he comments on relationships between post-pubescent boys and older men. 

Milo is British, of Jewish descent, baptized Catholic, and flamboyantly gay. In a culture obsessed with identity-politics, he plays the game but not according to the rules. He disarms with humor, boldly makes a claim, backs it up with data, and concludes by being brutally offensive. He calls feminism a “cancer”, Islam a “problem”, doesn’t believe in lesbians, thinks abortion is murder, says that gay “marriage” is a compromise on the lifestyle, and has declared the Catholic Church to be “right about everything”.

A lot of people have a lot to say about Milo. I want to focus on something constructive. After a talk last year at UCSB, he was asked: “How do you reconcile being a Roman Catholic and a homosexual? I’ve never been able to understand that about you.” Milo responded to this question in a layered way that shocked me, precisely because the response was so adequate, the question so fully answered. I’ve thought about it for hours. And continue to pray, not with his words, but with what they mean for me.

He began by saying that, the question itself exposes a level of ignorance both about Catholicism and about what it means to be gay. He quotes Evelyn Waugh who once said, “If you think I’m bad with God, imagine me without him”. He went on to talk about how the Church has historically protected gays’ safety against being murdered by the State. But what struck me was what came next: 

People are Anglicans or Baptists or Methodists or whatever because they believe they’re good people, but Catholics are Catholics because they know they’re not. We have this thing called original sin. We go to Church because we know we’re not good. And for me at least, certainly living the lifestyle that I do, that’s a more honest approach to theology than other sorts of Christianity have to offer. Here’s the thing: Progressives will demand all manner of complex and weird acknowledgements for themselves. They want to be a gender – queer – blah blah blah – fill in the emphasis on whatever. But what they can’t understand is other people asking for the same acknowledgment that life is messy and complicated and that sometimes things aren’t fully recognized or realized or pulled together in your own mind. Sometimes it takes a lifetime of study and prayer…

We go to Church because we know we’re not good… This thought got me to brush off my Summa and see what St. Thomas Aquinas had to say about the Incarnation. In Part III, Question I, Article III, St. Thomas takes up the question: “Whether, if man had not sinned, God would have become Incarnate?” The lay Dominican Shaun McAfee points out that this is one of the few questions in the entire Summa that no definitive answer is offered. But St. Thomas hints. The sed contra (which leads to where he will go) contains this profound scriptural gloss: “There was no cause of Christ’s coming into the world, except to save sinners. Take away diseases, take away wounds, and there is no need of medicine.” St. Thomas then answers that the whole of Sacred Scripture suggests that “the sin of the first man is assigned as the reason for the Incarnation”. But he closes by refusing to admit that God’s power is conditioned by the futility of our sin and, for that reason, Christ could have become incarnate without the fall.

But there’s no need to speculate. The drama of salvation has unfolded. Man did fall. God became a man. We can say that God became incarnate to save us from ourselves. This is why his first words to us are “Repent and Believe” and not “Keep Calm and Carry On”. He came to restore us to our relationship with the Father. And in that relationship we find harmony with ourselves, one another and with all of creation.

If we are courageous enough to open our eyes and confront our own reality, this story unfolds in our own personal history. Christ comes for me, because of the messes that I have made, and continue to make every day. No one has access to my own incompetence as I do myself. This is not self-loathing, this is honesty. Pop-psychology, self-help and acceptance leave me empty and unsatisfied. I’m really not okay. And you know what, that’s okay. Because there, in that recognition of need, I am opened to and reminded of my dependence on the Father, who alone can offer me peace.

And so, I go to Church not because I have it together, but precisely because I do not. 

  • Barely Human

    This is ludicrous. the idea that Milo is some how more honest because he does not understand scripture is insane. People applaud him because he claims “Catholicism is right” and all the while he is doing everything he can to tear it down right under your noses. Sure, it is fun listening to him lash out at groups that ostracize others with hedonistic beliefs, I get that. But to claim that an openly gay man who stands on stage at universities in all of his vanity and makes jokes about performing sexual acts on multiple men and missing the good old days of doing cocaine until 8 am after being in a club all night with a male organ in every orifice is not just a slight mishap. Sure as humans we are not above sin the point is to not purposely repeat the same sin or to do everything you can to avoid it. You do not step into a confessional and ask for forgiveness for a cocaine induced orgy and all the while state that you cannot wait until the next one. That is insane! Jesus said, Go and sin no more. Of course this is an impossible task but the point is to try, try, try. You have traded Christianity for a cheap parlor provocateur. If you believe that this circus that he sees in his head is Catholicism then maybe it has lost all meaning. Also about the Anglicans they do not believe they are perfect, they go to be saved because they aren’t. Show me in the Bible that there is any place in the church for a person who openly leads others to a lifestyle of drugs, cursing, sexual deviency, lust, homosexuality and vanity and I will show you the ones that will be met with the words ” I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

  • Suzana saloma

    we are on earth to pray witness lent no questioning Gods facit the Bibel, God is the way the truth :LOVE! God bless Hail Mary blessed among woman: we woman shall great among woman🔯🕎✝💌💓💓💓💞💕💚💜💛💙💟💟💟😇😇😇

  • Suzana saloma
  • Milo promotes the Catholic Church more vigorously and effectively than quite a few bishops i could mention.

  • Inigo Montoya

    I think it was a poor decision to reference Milo here. Of all the wise people and wise words out there, you choose to write about Milo. I find him to be a complete turn-off. Sorry, but as a devout Catholic and mostly conservative person who came across this site looking to learn more about the 90-day challenge, this makes me reconsider this TCM group. I’m not sure who you’re looking to appeal to by referencing him, but it’s certainly not me.

  • Wil Conley

    What Milo said to all of you was very hard for him to do even though he hides his pain very well. I am reminded what the Catechism has to say here “They do not choose their homosexual condition, for most of them it is a trial.” {and a hard one at that}.

    I work as a homosexual counselor helping to bring other homosexual, gay or SSA (same-sex attracted) men back into the Church and help them heal from the scares of hate, bigotry and rejection due to our “condition.”

    In my case I am faithfully chaste and have found my own peace through our Blessed Mother, my own spiritual director, the sacraments (especially confession and Eucharist) and hours of prayer each day. I can personally say it is far from easy and even easier to backslide especially when the uneducated in our faith show their ignorance of what the Church truly teaches.

    Over the last 8 years of this ministry the Lord and the Church has given for me to do I have helped hundreds of men return to the Church, helped countless families reunite and prevented way too many suicides from ever happening all through teaching the open and honest truth about Church teaching and God’s wonderful mercy.

    Please take the time to review the Catechisms teachings on homosexuality CCC#2357 – #2359, the words of our Holy Father Pope Francis on this matter and most of all the Love and Mercy our Lord pours out to each of us especially during the sacrament of “Confession.”

    If your a homosexual male and need to talk to someone like myself – please feel free to contact me [[ ]].

    Go to confession and Come Home because the Lord misses seeing you at the Mass. Please don’t stay away because of other peoples ignorance about the faith they claim to profess.

  • Phil Alcoceli

    Thanks, Mr. Jmaes Baxter for this article so full of transparent honesty and love for those that, like us, struggle with sin or accomodate into it. Another great article on Milo and Christian approach to homosexuals is “Milo and The ‘Stockholm Syndome’ of Sodom” (put that on your search bar) by Scott Lively who works directly with homosexuals that are looking fo a way out of their pattern of sin.

    Like Mr. Baxter, Scott Lively is full of compassion for homosexuals and proposes the best remedy I’ve seen yet, even as he declares (and I couldn’ agree more) that: “that the sin of Sodom is the most destructive force in human civilization, singularly unique in it’s condemnation in the Bible”. So, UNCOMPROMISING UNYIELDING COMPASSION is a better approach than the preaching-down-to that has done nothing but help feed the rapid growth of the Homosexual Death Machine.

  • Marcus

    I listened to that lecture as well and loved his response. Very thought provoking. None of us are perfect. I love him and pray for him to find the right path. I want my favorite faggot to make it – somehow – to heaven.

  • Capndweeb

    “We go to Church because we know we’re not good…” But, if you go with no intent of repentance…

  • Maria Felix

    We do not go to church because we are not good, all do it is a fact. We go to church because it is the holy sacrifice of Jesús, because we want to receive his most secret body and blood to gain strength to overcome sin for we now that as long as we leave we will be tempted to fall. We go to mass to unite our weakly sacrifices, our good actions with the sacrifice of Jesus in the altar. To To ask for help in our needs. Because we are Crist creatures and ow him our adoration. Because we love Crist. That why we go to mass.

  • Paul Brinker

    The answer is not quite complete. I go to Church nor because I am good, but because I know I am not, AND GOD STILL LOVRS ME ANYWAY.

  • Laura Gray

    oh my goodness – this is the most thought provoking thing I’ve read in a very long time. Yes, Catholic understand that they are sinners, they know that they need Christ’s love and mercy. But unlike Milo, I believe God calls us to acknowledge our sin, beg for forgiveness and commit ourselves to avoiding the sin in the future. In the Gospels, Christ told the prostitute to “go and sin no more”, not raise your prices and give more to the church.
    We are ALL called to admit our sins, our weaknesses, and to ask Christ not only for forgiveness, but to fill us with the Holy Spirit so we can better recognize our weakness, but also gain the strength and wisdom to avoid the mere appearance of sin and evil. That does not mean just make sure we look good, but also that inside we are striving to be good. God calls us all to become saints, not just a few people…all of us are supposed to be working towards perfection in Christ, not just being okay.

  • Rey Flores

    Great article.

  • Mitch

    His statement, “People are Anglicans or Baptists or Methodists or whatever because they believe they’re good people, but Catholics are Catholics because they know they’re not” is simply false. The evangelical community believes in original sin, not Catholics alone, we simply don’t believe that “going to Church” has any inherent redemptive value. We believe that faith alone in Christ alone saves us and gives us eternal life and that being part of a Christian community is a healthy part of the Christian life.

  • diogeneslamp0

    You’re a liar. Milo did not make “comments on relationships between post-pubescent boys and older men.” He advocated child molestation, specifically of 13 year old boys– he advocated relationships between 13 year olds and 28 year olds– and 13 is not post-pubescent. Retract that. The video was not “selectively edited”; the full version was released, and context makes it worse. It’s over a year old and conservatives knew about it. Milo does not back up what he says with “data”; he makes things up, such as claiming that “all” reports of rapes on campus are “frauds and hoaxes”, and that trans people are very likely to molest children in bathrooms (even though Milo is in favor of, and advocates, child molestation, as long as cis men do it.) Milo did not “burn down Berkeley”, some anarchists broke a window because they recognized his kind of person honestly, unlike you who lie about his kind of person, until he targets you and yours.

    • Texas ParentsCare

      I agreed with everything you said until the Berkley statement – the left extremists are using any excuse to destroy our country. Yes, Milo is revolting but that doesn’t give the left license to decimate whatever they want.

    • gespin3549

      Blah Blah Blah…..ZZZZZZzzzzzzz…….*

  • Nick

    This article could not have come out at a worst time.

    • CoJoGo


    • Paula Warnes

      I think it came out at a really perfect time.

  • I’ve become very interested in Milo as an apologist. He’s a great apologist – actually. Like Jesus, he does not fear man’s opinion. But unlike Jesus he is a sinner (like us) – and unlike many he knows it. My sense is that he is waiting for something – possibly an inner strength to do the thing he wants to do in his heart of hearts. Like Augustine, he doesn’t seem willing to give up his sin quite yet – I’ve been there. And Augustine knew quite well, “God created us without us but he will not save us without us.”

    May God give Milo the help he needs.

    • Tonya Mandich
    • Tonya Mandich

      I heard Milo speak for the first time tonight. I really don’t know a lot about this young man, but one thing seems obvious: He doesn’t know who he is.

      I admire his honesty. His quest for Truth appears to be sincere. However, what seems unclear is his understanding of the Scriptures.

      When we place our faith in JESUS (by His death, burial, and resurrection), we become Sons… Christ in fact is the first born among many brethren. Rom 8:29

      We are no longer to see ourselves as sinners, but SONS set free from the law. Can we still sin? Yes! But we no longer HAVE TO… we were set FREE from the power of sin and can choose NOT to sin and be conformed into the image of Christ. Gal 4:7, Eph 4:17-24

      Too many sincere young men and women lack knowledge of the Scriptures, and/or the understanding and wisdom afforded to them by the ministry of Holy Spirit.

      I, like you, pray that Milo will discover his true liberty in Christ through the Truth of God’s Word.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • davidc

        When we place our faith in JESUS (by His death, burial, and resurrection), we become Sons.

        No argument there.

        “We are no longer to see ourselves as sinners, but SONS set free from the law. Can we still sin? Yes! But we no longer HAVE TO… we were set FREE from the power of sin and can choose NOT to sin and be conformed into the image of Christ.”

        This is where you go astray. We are sons AND sinners. If we don’t see ourselves as sinners, we don’t see reality. We are sinners because we sin. That is, by definition, what a sinner does. He sins. But, through the death of Christ on the Cross, we receive forgiveness, if only we repent. Have you forgotten: “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us”? Of course we don’t HAVE to sin, and God gives us the grace not to, but we do anyway. I do, anyway. Maybe you are perfect, I don’t know. By the way you talk, I gather you are a Protestant. If so, then, unfortunately, because of the sins of Luther, Calvin, etc. you do not have access to one of Christ’s greatest gifts to His Church: the Sacrament of Reconciliation, where Christ meets us to forgive us our sins, as we see in John 20. Please consider investigating the claims of the Catholic Church to be Christ’s true Church, founded on the Apostles, along with a good historical investigation. The Fathers of the Church are great sources for what the Church has believed, from the first century.

        The “law” we are set free from is the Law of Moses, the commandments of the Old Covenant. The Law we must follow is the natural law and the Law of Christ, the Law of the Gospel, which is the perfect fulfillment of the old Law and is the eternal Law, the Law of Love of God and neighbor: “Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.’” And “Jesus answered and said to him, ‘If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine but the Father’s who sent Me.'” And “By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep His commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome.” I could multiply versus and show what the result of not keeping His commandments are and becoming unrepentant slaves to sin (it’s not good), but that should be hopefully be unnecessary.

        God bless you

      • Tonya Mandich
      • Tonya Mandich

        John 13:34-35 (not an add on to the law, which He fulfilled… the law was never His heart for us anyway) You are under a new and final covenant… much better in every way. We have been restored back to the image of God, thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ… “first born among brethren. Where the first Adam failed, the second Adam prevailed). It’s ALL OVER the Scriptures.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • Tonya Mandich

        Thank you for the honest exploration, David… and for your well intended effort to correct my perspective. I hope to excite your interest in a second look at the Scriptures… as the anthropomorphic nature of theology continues to challenge.

        You said,

        “We are sons AND sinners. If we don’t see ourselves as sinners, we don’t see reality. We are sinners because we sin. That is, by definition, what a sinner does.”

        God actually makes a distinction in His Word between the two identities. It’s a habit of ours to make a case on a single Scripture. While the Scripture in and of itself is right, we use it to build a case to support our persuasion based on human reasoning.

        For instance, your reference to Paul’s statement about sin is one that is commonly used to say we remain sinners after conversion. When read in context, this is most assuradely not the case.

        You are right about identifying with sin, however: We will manifest whatever we believe… that is why God tells us that we must renew our minds. We receive a new identity… the one that existed before the fall of man through the finished work of Jesus… but that will never become our “reality” apart from belief. So… we can step on a nail and call ourselves a nail. Or we can step on it, say oops… that was so not my heart to do that and thank Him for who He has made me to be and thank Him that He has given me the desire and ability to live another way according to His unfailing love and the revelation of the Truth that Jesus has made me clean.

        I once heard someone say that we need to be careful about the way we talk with one another because it will determine how we will hear. I think that is very wise.

        I pray we will always be filled with His unfailing love… and that the eyes of our hearts will be further enlightened as He opens our understanding of the gospel. It’s way better news than what we previously believed.

        I’m sorry I could not hit every point. God bless you!

      • Tonya Mandich
      • 39 New Saints

        All of us sin, whether before, during, or after conversion. Indeed, conversion — metanoia — is a daily need, not a one-off occurrence. To say, therefore, that we cease to be sinners after conversion is not only wrong, but possibly beyond merely “wrong” (I’d have to think about it more, but it strikes me as heretical). It certainly isn’t a Catholic Christian perspective. It strikes me as animated by a belief in “once saved, always saved” or that if someone sins after accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior, then they weren’t really saved to begin with. That’s demonstrably false, both from Scripture and from experience (not to mention history). I hope I’ve misunderstood you. God bless.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • LMan

        Yes… I agree… had a conversation with a newly-appointe Penticostle minister-ess… she referrred to the state of becoming a “real christian”… and after I read up on it, it defies all logic. Seems from what I found as definition, that they believe you can actually hit a point of spiritual achievement, where you are not ‘not able to sin’ or close to it… So, you can commit what would normally be a sinful act, and it “doesn’t count…. you have your Real Christian Club Card…”.

        I may be glossing it over, however that was the definition provided by a “just ordained’ minister…

        The audacity and false piety blew me away… to think some are so full of themselves as to have a near “messiah complex”, thinking they’re close to being “Jesus” level purity… the ultimate vanity and self-glorification…. the opitomy of sinfulness…

        I like Milo’s summation of the Protestants…. they all believe they’re good — actually they all believe “they have it RIGHT”…. but never reconcile how there are, according the Protestants, over 40,000 versions of what is “Right”. That’s where his comment about Catholics are the only ones who admit they are sinners, is so insightful.

        You may not like his flamboyant, ultra derogatory displays and speeches, however I do think he has more truth in him than all the special interest groups, the Democratic party/followers, and the Legal system, all put together…

      • Tonya Mandich
      • jsper

        Milo has stated publicly answering questions about his relationship to the Church, that while he believes it is true, and the Catholic Church is awesome and right about everything – he in relationship to that knowledge is a coward. He at this point views other things as more important even though he knows that they aren’t. And he anticipates converting more fully at some point. He knows that he is being a coward. I would liken his situation to Oscar Wilde’s gradual and eventual deathbed conversion. I would also liken his situation to St. Augustine’s “give me chastity but not yet” prayer which he uttered at 19. God has used men like Oscar and Augustine to convert many to the Church, and because of Milo’s honesty I believe that he will do the same with Milo.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • Tonya Mandich

        That’s the worst kind of abuse of the gospel I have ever heard. Please understand, this kind of thinking is inspired by an evil master, and not the love of God.

        It is a dangerous thing to make these bargains with the giver of LIFE. And worse yet is saying it can be a fruitful thing.

        Many would be encouraged to resist God to the point of destruction and eternal separation from God.

        Consider this Scripture:

        1 Corinthians 3:18-23 (Contemporary English Version)

        Don’t fool yourselves! If any of you think you are wise in the things of this world, you will have to become foolish before you can be truly wise. This is because God considers the wisdom of this world to be foolish. It is just as the Scriptures say, “God catches the wise when they try to outsmart him.”

        God loves us and values the life of His Son too much to allow us to have the upper hand by playing these kinds of games with Salvation and the Lordship of Christ.

        His identity as a Son is being denied. That’s exactly what satan would have us believe; death bed salvation and live like hell on earth when we were created to manifest the Kingdom of God.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • jsper

        The worst abuse? Some of the best saints started in this very position. I think the good to be recognized here is that while he is far from an active and practicing disciple, he does publicly recognize and acknowledge that same truth and knows where he needs to be. The lives of the saints are a testimony to the process of conversion and it is often messy for those who are stuck in sinful patterns. In fact on a micro level as an example, someone like Theresa of Avila took years to work through sinful habits. Granted she was much further along but she was not perfect. And she acknowledged that she was not perfect.

        I’m just glad he’s willing to confess that he is a coward.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • 39 New Saints

        By even being in a position to consider making such a “bargain,” Milo and those like him are at least at the beginning of a moral journey. It is a quasi-turn away from saying, “Sin? What sin? I’m not doing any sin,” toward acknowledging that acceptance of Jesus as Lord of Lords will require a conversion not only of heart but of action, to, as St. Paul said it, “put off the old man and put on the new man in Christ.” The quotation of St. Augustine — O Lord, give me chastity, just not yet — is a prime case in point. Augustine knew what he needed to do. But he hadn’t reached the point where he could act on that knowledge. It’s what St. Paul discusses in Roman 7:15-24. At the Fall, we lost the ability to make our wills conform to God’s. To the extent that we are habituated to sin, that is the extent that conforming to God’s will proves difficult. As we grow in holiness and exercise the muscles of virtue over the acedia of vice, we not only find it easier to not sin, but we begin to recognize sin for what it is, and become more acutely aware of sin in its endless forms. It is why those who have not had a conversion of heart will often say things such as, “Why do I need to go to church/confession/pray/whatever? I haven’t done anything wrong,” while those who are the most holy will be painfully aware of what Proverbs says, that even a righteous man can fall (i.e., sin) seven times (the Wycliff Bible emphasizes “in a day”). John Paul II went to confession once per week. So did/does Benedict.

      • Tonya Mandich
    • Broken bose

      What a great answer. Thank you…

  • paulpriest

    slight problem with all this…
    [might have helped if you’d done a little research first instead of taking the Milo-persona/brand at face-value – while you’re at it check out when he was Milo Andreas Wagner]

    • Un HappyCust

      I know this Wagner was a pseudonym for some poems or some such and self PR is his true art, could you share your research about him not being a Catholic. Or is it you feel one could not be gay and Catholic?

  • Loyd McIntire

    He may join the Church while being queer but he can’t receive Holy Communion nor can he get in God’s Kingdom.

    • Juleon Schins

      Hi Loyd Mcintire: you have not the faintest idea of God’s Kingdom.
      Whores like Milo (he knows I appreciate him as one of the XXI century greatest apologists) “will precede” dumb, self-conceited, pharisaic hypocrites like you in the Kingdom of God. I think Jesus was just understating it a little, that “preceding”. No matter how many times you comulgate, one day you might find yourself in hell, suffocated by your many Holy Communions, while seeing a weirdo-gay-provocateur walk straight through Peter’s door.
      Wake up Loyd, and read the Catechism of the Catholic Church before it’s too late. The only half-true thing you said, which I will reformulate more precisely, is
      1. that Milo will harm himself upon receiving Holy Communion, unless he FIRST “legally” confesses he will never shove his dick into his neighbor’s arse again;
      2. whether he manages to do so, does not invalidate his previous confession in the very least. He could go on shoving his dick into anybody’s arse (assuming consent of the arse’s owner) as many times as he likes, and yet, whenever he does repent, his confession will be valid again. How many times? Seventy times seven.
      Now wizzkiddo, if you have the balls at all, tell me where in the CCC it is written that one cannot enter the Kingdom of God without having EVER comulgated.
      PS comulgate == receive Holy Commmunion

      • Greg A

        Wow, this reply was completely and utterly despicable, entirely uncharitable, and, at least in part, wrong.

        I don’t think I need to explain the first two: the foul language and ad hominem attack should speak for itself as to why I think this reply was just ridiculous.

        The part I will explain is where you’re wrong (I would quote from your reply, but I can’t find more than a couple of sentences that aren’t profane.) One can only receive Holy Communion if he has repented of his sins in the Sacrament of Confession (or, in extreme circumstances, made an act of contrition with the intent to immediately receive absolution as soon as it is possible). A valid absolution necessitates the contrition of the penitent. So, a previous confession might never have actually granted absolution if the penitent was not contrite. A concerted effort to never do a particular sin again must be intended in order to have a valid confession. So no, he can’t go around and do it as many times as he likes and just come back to Confession. That’s just not how absolution works.

        Lloyd was uncharitable to Milo and making a false general statement about salvation; you went off on a barely half-orthodox tirade that was riddled with disgust–I suggest you, too, take a look at yourself, if I may borrow your phrase, “before its too late,” because you are not free from the burden that charity places upon us and you certainly have represented Catholicis poorly.

  • Fr. Gashwin

    A provocative piece, reminding us always to pray for the conversion of sinners, first and foremost ourselves, and never to judge the state of soul of anyone.

    An aside about the “why” of the Incarnation. In the very first question of the Tertia Pars, St. Thomas answers the question, “was it fitting (conveniens) for God to become incarnate?”, with a metaphysical argument that has nothing to do with the Fall. It is of the nature of the Good to communicate itself, and the way that the best way this goodness could be communicated to the human nature is by joining it to the divine nature (ST III.1.1.). It’s in art. 3 of the same question that he comes to the conclusion you cite, that He could have become Incarnate even without the Fall …

    • Tonya Mandich
    • Maria Felix

      True but when someone killed a person he is called murder and by saying that a gay is a gay that is not judging. Milo disfigure Jesus face by publicly saying he is catholic and gay. May God help him and all the Christian Catholics who want to follow God, so we wo t be missed lead.

  • campfiregirl

    wrong wrong wrong on so many counts. Before you can repent a modicum of humility is essential, which is the one thing Milo lacks. I fear for his soul. Not just because he is “flamboyantly gay”, but because he knows the truth and mocks it in his own solitary way. You cannot profess the faith AND be a practicing homosexual. He can mea culpa all day long, but his lifestyle and livelihood are twisting a rope around him from which he may never escape. He even once admitted that he would like to leave the gay subculture but that he makes too much money being who he is – a ‘gay’ conservative. If the Right thinks it is being vindicated by this poor man’s endorsement, if is partly to blame for the loss of his salvation.

    • Tonya Mandich
    • George Hamilton

      Isn’t it fun when clearly defined doctrines and dogmas written on the page meet the messy, ambiguous, mysterious realities of lives, and of people’s hearts and their struggles and battles?

    • Peter Bolton

      Matthew 7:3-5 Planks and Specks!

    • LeighLeigh

      Yeah, well tell that to the Christians living in sin and knowingly fornicating day in and day out, or how about the divorced people who remarry and the church doesn’t allow them to do so? I can go on and on…..the point of the story is that we all need God and the way we reach him is an individual path……don’t judge someone’s act on stage… don’t know if anyone is humble, only God does.

    • Mike Crognale

      Is he in a sinful relationship with another man? I don’t know. Do you? If he is celibate then he can be a practicing Catholic. As I understand the catechism, one can have same sex attraction and still be admitted to the sacraments absent sin. The key word is absent.

      • campfiregirl

        He has said repeatedly that he is a practicing homosexual. He says he knows what he is doing is wrong but does it anyway. He knowingly and willingly commits one of the 4 sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. Read the Catechism again. It clearly states that if you die in a state of mortal sin you go to hell. Period, the end, do not pass go. The man d e s p e r a t e l y needs our prayers and yet all he gets is more applause.

      • gespin3549

        We all know what we are doing is wrong when we sin. How are we any different that he?

      • Texas ParentsCare

        We are to purpose ourselves to live like Christ and not sin. Do we fail? Yes. Do confess and repent? Absolutely. But he is proud of his behavior and brags about it… If a person knows the Lord and sins repeatedly and is proud of it…

      • Mike Crognale

        Ok, you know that then. I didn’t as I posted earlier. Then yes if he is not celibate he is in a state of mortal sin. Should he die in that state he will be condemned. However, as you cogently state, he is in need of our prayers. He has every chance to repent while he lives. May God grant him the strength and courage to do so. Even at the point of death.

      • Rian Loubser

        He also says he struggles with it and that he goes to confession. Much of what he says in the public eye is sarcastic and provocative to garner attention – this doesn’t automatically mean what he says to shock people is true.

        There are countless Catholic couples who have sex before marriage – does this mean they cannot be practicing Catholics?

        A practicing Catholic does not equate to a perfect person.

    • Olivia

      You might be right in a certain sense, but overall I see his comments as a step in the right direction. Who knows what God is doing in his heart. But he obviously needs prayer for his on-going conversion.

    • Rian Loubser

      Campfiregirl – This is like saying you cannot be a sinner and a practicing Catholic… Don’t be too quick to judge someone based on their performance on stage instead of who they actually are.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • campfiregirl

        Oh for heavens sake, if who he is ‘on stage’ is not who he really ‘is’ then he is at the very least committing scandal, itself a sin. Read my comment again. The adulation and money he is receiving is making it virtually impossible for him to repent. What did Jesus say? Something about not serving God and money? Only one can be your master, and I think it’s pretty obvious which Milo has chosen. And the Right, who should know better, are making it none too easy for him to free himself, but they are too desperate to make themselves look legit to the world to care for Milo’s soul.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • Rian Loubser

        Clearly you have disdain for him (a sin). But let’s get one thing right here – none of us are perfect. An actor on screen is portraying a character other than his own – is this scandal? Milo provokes people in order to get a reaction as those reactions prove many of his points, and in turn creates debate and provokes reasonable thought – that personality that pokes and prods shares similarities to his actual character but in itself is a character of it’s own.

        If you actually spent enough time understanding him, you would know that his tone and character changes (including dress style) depending on the audience and situation (college campus vs live broadcast on a news desk).

        He happens to go to weekly mass as well as frequent confession – if that isn’t a practicing Catholic then I don’t know what is. If you are free of sin, by all means, cast the first stone – but from where I stand, pride seems to have you in it’s grip.

        If you think all Saints started as saints, then You have much to learn about your faith.

      • Tonya Mandich
      • gespin3549

        What’s the point of confession if you’re not willing to change?

      • Joe Droddy

        Who has not confessed sins for which they are truly sorry, with a firm purpose of amendment? Who has not then committed again the same offense? Only by the grace of God are we freed from our sins, not by our confession of them. Read St. Augustine “The Confessions.”

      • Joseph Giacobine

        Campfiregirl makes a great point about serving God & money. The fundamental problem is the right serves money by pretending to serve God.
        The republican party is the marriage of religious values and the high priests of greed, annoited by Reagan.
        Now do the Democrats have there own lists of sins? You bet-cha but your neighbors gluttony doesn’t excuse your lust (or inserta two other deadly sins)

      • PJ

        Neither Party represents Church Teaching. Only Parts of it. And both parties tend to view the other through their own world view. Many are not able to reconcile with a prochoice democrat. Many would not be able to accept a big business republican. Be careful before you speak with such judgement on the entire “right”. Most are not greedy, they just fight for what they think is right.

      • Joseph Giacobine

        I fully agree PJ.
        my thought was more for those that so heavly identify with the right they would choose it over the church.
        I have actually been told “the church has made mistakes but the republican party is anointed by God to be his true voice in this age”
        The people who when asked to name heroes of virtue they say John paul II , Ayn Rand, & Gordon geko (and find out they like john paul ii solo on his anti-communist stance) i like john paul II I’m just offended for him to be in a list with the others.

        Each party has it’s flaws i just despise sins being hailed virtues.
        To the original subject at least milo knows there is something off in his conduct he just hasn’t found the way to fully reform yet.