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A Lesson from the LEGO Store: Quit Medicating Your Kids with Screentime

I recently witnessed something tragic in, of all places, a LEGO Store. Things started off innocently one recent Saturday morning when I had the crazy idea to take my three-year-old and two-year-old to a nearby mall. I bravely ventured into this suburban consumer wasteland with my children for one ironic and noble reason: I simply wanted to play ...

09 06 2017

Leisure: The Basis of Manliness

Jesus reveals that true manhood loses itself for the beloved.  But what if we don’t see others as exactly loveable, let alone “beloved”?  If you are having trouble really loving, perhaps you’re having trouble seeing.  We look at humanity and the humans that make it up (even those close to us) and see sin, error, ugliness – but God saw ...

12 12 2016

How the Christian Worldview Offers the Most Eloquent Response to the Question of the Human Heart…

I looked at the map. It was as incomprehensible as my handwriting. “Somehow from this series of lines, I have to make a decision that will dictate the success and safety of our trip.” I had to decide where we would backcountry ski that day. One wrong decision and we could be swept away by an avalanche. Or even worse – I could lead the grou...

01 12 2015

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