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Three Ways Children Teach Their Fathers About Eternity

Raising children is a great blessing. That God would bestow upon man the ability to share in His creative power is a wondrous example of His generosity; or, depending on your viewpoint, this procreative ability is proof that God has a sense of humor. Can you imagine what else might have been said in Heaven during Creation week that is not record...

05 22 2017

Keeping Communion: The Liturgy Millennials Ditched

An article denigrating the so-called “reform of the reform” movement recently appeared in Commonweal. In it, Michael H. Marchal argued that it is not new liturgical practices that are to blame for a decline in liturgical enthusiasm, but a lack of zeal, grace and “style” in their implementation. A return to the “pieties” of the older for...

11 10 2016

How Men’s and Family Ministry Can Save Youth Ministry from Itself

I loved spraying pesticides – I even had a license for the heavy stuff. What, you think single species lawns come naturally? But now, after a few years of experience in what some would call “sustainable” or “organic” farming, I’ve learned that those controls actually make more work. Learning to see plants as part of an ecosystem – an ...

By Mr. Jason Craig 10 10 2016

How Pornography Affects Young People

Pornography is a major problem in our society, particularly among young people. An alarming number of young people spend countless hours viewing pornography.  What they don’t realize is how pornography really affects them.  They may view it a simple “adult entertainment,” when in reality it is seriously hurting them. To understand pornog...

03 14 2016

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