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When I Learned the Value of Work, and Myself

It was one of those seemingly innocuous events that should have been long ago forgotten. Instead, it is etched in my memory. When I was growing up in the 1950s, Lawler, Iowa was a bustling little village. One of our local entrepreneurs, Gus Schael, owned a hatchery that was great fun for little kids, but a pain for the local postmaster. It was...

02 26 2019

How Are You Bringing Worth to Others? The Gift of Self

One of the benefits of enjoying a Christian life, is the contemplation prayer brings. It is critical to set aside time for daily reflection and prayer and bring clarity to our purpose in this life – to glorify God in all we do. Our actions need to be designed to express our love for Jesus Christ and to spread that love to others through evange...

07 25 2018

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