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In Cruce Salus

In Cruce Salus (In the Cross is Salvation) “Stretch out your hand,”says the Lord. "And you will live.” (Sirach 15:16-17 When I was a boy, my grandmother lived on a farm across the road from my parents’ farm. Like all grandmothers, she was the best grandmother in all the world. Each day, my brothers and I would feed her she...

03 08 2023

How My Son Taught Me to Radically Accept God’s Will

Not long ago a priest shared some guidance with my wife and me that has been the cause of a great deal of conversation and reflection in our home.  In response to learning that we pray every day about our oldest son’s future and that he be healed of his autism, he encouraged us to pray first for acceptance. Let me explain. He said there w...

04 12 2016

Resist the Temptation to “Come Down from the Cross”

In the time of Easter there is a temptation to leave all the fruits of Lent behind, growing lax and celebrating too heartily. It is important, therefore, to ask: what is the continuity between Lent and Easter? One essential link that I would like to explore is that the Resurrection, the triumph and transformation of our lives, is only possible afte...

04 06 2016

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