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Advent is Here, Knot Your Ropes

By Joseph Larson The Temple in Jerusalem In the ancient world before Christ came, there was only one place where God’s presence resided and where sacrifices were offered to Him - the Temple on Mount Zion. Most Jewish towns had synagogues where the holy books were read and taught, but it was only the one Temple in Jerusalem where God resided...

12 04 2018

Think Twice Before You Get That Tattoo

I’ll just get this out there right away—I’ve never liked tattoos. I wouldn’t say I ever felt strongly about them, either, that is, until I was at a waterpark with my kids. My Dad had a tattoo from his time at boot camp with the Marines, but growing up I didn’t see many tattoos. It’s just in the last ten years that they’ve gone from a ...

11 16 2017

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