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What the Faults and Virtue of the First Pope Say to a Church in Scandal

Peter the fisherman, a rural manual laborer who the Jews in Jerusalem would have looked on as a hick with that funny Galilean accent, is the first to make that great act of Faith to Jesus: “You are the Christ the Son of the Living God”. At the First Eucharist, he swears to our Lord that if all others should deny him he never would. Then comes t...

10 28 2018

“Heroism is Not for the Average Christian”… Really?

  There is a tale in our family of my great grandfather who was a farmer east of Indianapolis, Indiana, back at the turn of the last century.  He farmed and raised his family and was an active member in his community.  And, in spite of the unpopularity of Roman Catholicism, he was an active member of his parish, St. Michael Catholic Churc...

By Fr. Brian Doerr 10 05 2015

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