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A Good Retreat Is No Date With God

St. Francis de Sales was ridiculed in his day because he did not preach in lofty sounding ways, sermons being sprinkled with glittering phrases in Greek and Latin, place just so in order to impress his audience. No, he spoke plainly, as a man acquainted with spiritual growth and battle, to men acquainted with the challenges of real life. In other w...

07 09 2021

This Is Your Invitation To Retreat On The Farm

This article is an invitation to St. Joseph’s Farm.  For now, this event is limited to Exodus 90 men, preferably groups of brothers that went through Exodus together.  Spots are open for Memorial Day weekend, May 26-29.  The cost is $280 and includes lodging and food alongside The Green River in Western, NC.   My wife and I began our littl...

05 09 2017

The Necessity of a Spiritual Retreat

In battlefields, darkened by smoke and deafened by opponents’ screams, one might need to withdraw from the fray, to regroup and re-attack, in a word, to retreat. The idea of retreating is not one of failure, though it does carry that connotation. Rather, retreat is a realization that you, the soldier, cannot win this fight right now, armed as you...

02 07 2016

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