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Rest, Reading, and Remembering What a Man Is

It is said the most valuable and hoarded treasure of the modern world is information.  Most of this seems to be in the form of what we call “data,” but there’s also the ambiguous word of “content” that fills our screens and servers.  But, paradoxically, it seems our oceans of information have made us shallower in thinking.  We are stor...

11 02 2019

Go Deeper Than Your Hobbies Allow: Peace in Mission

Bishop Robert Barron and non-Catholic apologist William Lane Craig recently sat down with an audience to talk about apologetics, evangelization and the secular culture’s latest effort to eliminate faith from the culture. The event was recorded and provides an extremely valuable opportunity to hear the thoughts and advice of two of the most gifted...

02 24 2018

Five Things Worth Hearing About Leisure

What could a text written in Germany well over a half century ago possibly teach us about our contemporary lives? For Josef Pieper, “leisure” properly understood is not just “sitting around,” but is a disposition of the heart and mind to receive the reality of the world as it is given to us – to receive life as a gift. Pieper remind...

11 06 2017

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