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Desiring Human Respect Can Lead to Hell

Hell is an uncomfortable subject to say the least.  It is not a perfect motivation for loving God either – He wants us to trust Him as a Father and return to Him, not to merely flee from the fear of eternal torment.  Yet “the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity [for] those who die in a state of mortal… (Catechism of the Ca...

11 11 2018

Shut Up and Listen: 5 Tips For Starting a New Job

Our passage through life is more diverse in modern times.  The average American switches jobs about every three to five years, and gone are the days of working with the same company for forty years.  A lot of experts have their theory on why we switch so often; I think we simply have more options at our disposal. Regardless, whether we get bor...

06 28 2018

When Going to Meet the King at Mass, Dress Like It

Have you ever walked into a room and realized you are underdressed? Shame is a bad feeling isn’t it? It can also be a serious motivation. One of the first things we notice when looking at photos from the past or even photos from different cultures today is the style of clothing. While people did not always dress as we see them in photographs a...

02 23 2018

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