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What Do You Worship?

It’s definitely a churchy word, but the fact of the matter is – everyone worships something. While it’s certainly a good thing for people to associate worship with God, do we ever pause to examine what that word actually means? In the English etymology, “worship” is actually combination of two words – “worth” and “ship,” meani...

03 05 2019

The Hope the Holy Family Gives an Unholy Dad

It’s the New Year!  Woohoo!  Did you do anything?  Make a resolution?  Look at every other Catholic website that says “Don’t Make a Resolution!” and wonder what’s next? In all the gloriousness of Christmas and the New Year, did you notice the Feast day sandwiched in between?  The Feast of the Holy Family—the first Sunday after Chr...

01 21 2019

The Power of Your Money – Temperance and Convenience

The Christmas Season is almost upon us (9 days away as I write this). Giving gifts to family and friends during the Christmas Season is a wonderful tradition that the three wise men initiated over two millennia ago. Sadly, we all recognize that most of our society has allowed the gift-giving to become central to this time of year and the birth of o...

12 22 2018

Time is a Gift: Use it Well

You know the story: An old man is near death. His career was successful, providing well for his family. But he is nagged by a feeling that he wasn’t around enough. Extended business trips and late nights spent at the office haunt him. Was his worldly success worth missing those baseball games, recitals, and family dinners? In the twilight of h...

11 13 2017

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