It’s the New Year!  Woohoo!  Did you do anything?  Make a resolution?  Look at every other Catholic website that says “Don’t Make a Resolution!” and wonder what’s next?

In all the gloriousness of Christmas and the New Year, did you notice the Feast day sandwiched in between?  The Feast of the Holy Family—the first Sunday after Christmas.  It is an amazing Feast, for this is the time we honor not just the Holy Family, but yours as well.

I took time to reflect on my own situation and family: I myself am lacking.  My communication skills with my wife and children are not where they should be and my patience with my children is lacking.

But there is hope!  I see the vocation of fatherhood as this:  if you ever think you’ve got it, you really don’t.  Improve your position a little every day.  I’m reminded of St. Maria Theresa’s vision of changing the world.  If you really want to change the world, go home and love your family.  That’s the first step, but an enormous task.  The Holy Family offers such a great example of love.  St. Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.  Simple love.  Hardened by their journey they find solace in a manger for their newborn Son: the Christ.  With God’s gift, their love grows the family.  It sets the perfect example of family.

All too often our lives are disrupted by external events.  Priorities shift, timelines merge.  The business of our modern life pulls attention and segments people.  Strive to stay connected with the people that matter most.  Only God knows our future and we cannot be certain of our longevity or lasting impact. It is never too late to impart lessons and replicate His love in our actions.  But we, as men, must make a conscious effort.  Resolve to be better.  Commit to be better.  For the Holy Family.  For your family.

Go home and love your family.  Be there.  Enjoy them.  For what is here today will be gone tomorrow.

01 / 21 / 2019
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