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Hitting Baseballs While Facing Unemployment

My four brothers and I frequently share texts. Most involve inane observations or commentary on some sporting event, but they are fun and help keep a small connection going since we live our own lives in five separate states. Brian sent a text the other day that made me stop and think a bit. In it, he stated “Three of the best feelings in the wor...

03 22 2018

Uncool Dad

  A university woman in spiritual direction once said: “My Dad wanted to love me. He just didn’t know how.” After hearing that, I racked my brain on “which dad” could love kids the best: the cool dad? the jock dad? the techy-geek dad? the sporty dad? the funny dad? the Disneyland dad? the video-game dad? the serious dad? the di...

By Fr. Dave Nix 11 02 2015

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