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The Tragedy Of Redemption

Depending on how we define some things, Christianity can be called a tragedy.  Christianity is indeed a story – one that you are a part of – and seeing yourself as a part of a cosmic tragedy might give some keen insights to how you see your “place” in it, and how you understand the grand and culminating feast days of the Ascension and Pent...

05 17 2021

Pentecost: Christianity is More Than Getting Out of Hell

Christianity is more than a canceling of a sin-debt.  The central piece of our faith is not just the communication of our cleansing, but the Incarnation of God Himself.  But even that doesn't say enough – it's not the whole story.  Because it is not just that the divine intermingled with man, like a visitor, but that through Christ man becomes...

05 20 2018

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