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Fatherhood: Be A Gift to Your Children

When I was young, there was a shelf in our living room that had a bunch of random stuff on it. Among the odd items was a smooth rock with a simple phrase painted on it: “When giving your children the things you never had, don’t forget to give them the things you did have.” I think it has been 30 years since I last saw that knickknack, so I ma...

04 11 2018

Relationship and Addiction Trouble? Your Attachment to Your Parents Might Play a Part…

Attachment wounds effect men’s lives in ways they are typically unaware.  “Attachment” is the emotional bond an infant develops with his primary care giver, usually the mother. However, in some cases, especially with pornography/sex addicts, I have found attachment wounds with the father to be more critical.  A healthy father-attachment dev...

08 22 2017

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