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Movie Review: The Again-Relevant Calvary (2014)

+JMJ+ Who would have guessed a film produced several years ago would suddenly and starkly regain its precedence in today's turbulent culture regarding the goings-on within the Roman Catholic Church? But, in light of recent scandals, the 2014 R-rated movie Calvary is again very relevant. The web has classified it as “comedy,” but I assure you t...

01 24 2019

Christ the Ultimate Avenger

I recently saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Besides being unbelievably successful in worldly terms as far as box-office stats, the new Avengers movie is surprisingly more than just comic book action and cheap lusty thrills. As I was watching the movie on the big screen I was impressed by the beauty and power of the special effects and I was aware o...

By Fr. Ryan O'Neill 06 02 2015

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