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The Poverty Of Marian Devotion

Fulton J. Sheen once said that Marian devotion is so central to Catholic practice and history that one could say that being Catholic is to be devoted to Mary. Yet, we know this isn’t so. Tainted, perhaps by our Protestant friend’s views of Mary, we can share a suspicion that to go to Mary is to not go to Jesus, to choose her over Him. For eve...

06 21 2021

Love Your Mother!

May is Mary’s month.  The beginning of May, then, offers a chance to focus on Our Lady’s place in a man’s spiritual life.  What is Marian devotion for? What are its effects and what does it do for us? Following St. Louis de Montfort, we could list the following: loving the Mother of God instills in us an admiration for the virtue of humi...

04 30 2016

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