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The Other Extreme of Lust

Lust is something that all men struggle with to one degree or another. With the advent of the internet this has become a sin that is all too easy to fall into. Virtue is characterized by Aristotle as the mean between two extremes. So, in a sense, virtue is the balance between two vices. This doesn’t mean that virtue is exactly in the ...

03 09 2021

Lust, Humility, and Severed Fingers

In Father Sergius, a short story by Leo Tolstoy, a wealthy Russian nobleman enters a monastery under questionable motives, but ended up genuinely striving for holiness and virtue, and even finding that the battle for sanctity was worth it! Despite his progress, he constantly felt weak in his faith, and unceasingly begged God to grant more. He was h...

03 26 2018

The Sin of Lust: How Serious Is It? Part II

This article is the second installment. See The Sin of Lust: How Serious Is It?  “If you live according to the flesh you will die,” says St. Paul (Rom. 8:12-13). Man must discipline his flesh or it will overtake him. “He holds his life cheap, that will not listen to a warning; heed [discipline], and be master of thy soul” (Prov. 15:32)...

By Mr. Jason Craig 04 13 2015

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