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Biblical Literacy: Who is Melchizedek?

Melchizedek is a mysterious figure. He is the first person in Scripture to be called a “priest.” In Hebrew his name means either “king of righteousness” or “rightful king” or “my king is Sidqu.” Sidqu was a Canaanite god, but Melchizedek was said to be a priest of “the God Most High.” Melchizedek’s name appears only twice in t...

04 06 2018

When Going to Meet the King at Mass, Dress Like It

Have you ever walked into a room and realized you are underdressed? Shame is a bad feeling isn’t it? It can also be a serious motivation. One of the first things we notice when looking at photos from the past or even photos from different cultures today is the style of clothing. While people did not always dress as we see them in photographs a...

02 23 2018

When Will We Reign with Christ?

Having reached the end of the liturgical year, with the feast of Christ the King this last Sunday, we can ask what exactly are we celebrating? A distant and future reality or a presence that shapes our lives on a daily basis? Going through Exodus 90, the Redemption Hymn we prayed from the Book of Revelation really stood out to me in this regard. O...

11 28 2017

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