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Johnny, June and the Boy Who Knew

Advent has a bit of a surprise element to it, like all of salvation history.  People knew a Savior would come, that the God who saves would save.  But no one would have that that it was God Himself that would walk among us, not only taking our nature but ascending it with Him into heaven.  And it all began with a child in a womb. Johnny Cash se...

12 22 2019

I Still Have Heroes: The Man in Black and The Men in Black

by: Bill Sheridan     At age 75, I no longer have celebrity or athlete heroes. I’ve come to realize that they are simply men and women blessed with God-given talents capable of thrilling stadiums full of adoring concert-goers, or rabid football fans. I still do respect their skills and appreciate their hard work. In my teens through my twen...

01 12 2019

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