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Smash Your TV — and Your Smartphone While You’re at It

In all of my teaching (in about 50 distinct classes), I’ve seen the greatest impact of any contemporary book from John Senior’s The Restoration of Christian Culture. One line in particular always stands out, causing shock and dismay in the students: “smash the television set!” “Isn’t that so extreme? How could he say that? He’s ju...

09 12 2020

John Senior: A Guide for Fathers and Educators

You may not have heard of John Senior, but he is one of the most impactful teachers and writers I have ever seen. I first heard about him from colleagues at the Augustine Institute, who recommended him knowing my interest in culture, but then it seemed like I was bumping into his students everywhere. I realized that my pastor in Littleton, Fr. ...

05 01 2018

10 Tips to Beat Loneliness, Depression, Suicide and Loss of Faith

In his pastoral letter The Rapid Development, St. Pope John Paul II wrote about the internet, calling it “the first Areopagus of modern times”. He stated: “…the Church is not only called upon to use the mass media to spread the Gospel but, today more than ever, to integrate the message of salvation into the ‘new culture’ that these powe...

03 14 2018

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