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Renewing Intimacy in Marriage

Every married couple wants to have a healthy marriage.  This means fostering healthy intimacy throughout the marriage.  Intimacy is the emotional connection between two people.  It’s where you both know each other thoroughly.  You feel completely safe with one another and can talk about anything.  When two people have this kind of intimacy, ...

12 26 2019

What’s The Right Amount of Sex?

I was recently asked, “How much sex is the right amount?”  The answer to this question is “it depends.”  It is up to each couple to decide together what is the right amount of sex for them.  There are many variables a couple needs to take into account.  What is important is that couples talk about this.  So often when I work with coupl...

03 02 2018

Sexual Intensity Does Not Fix Intimacy Problems

When Lou was confronted about his use of Internet pornography, his excuse was that he was tired of the “vanilla” sex he was having with his wife, Roberta.  He claimed he needed more excitement in the bedroom.  This left Roberta feeling both angry and sad.  She felt as if Lou was blaming her for his pornography use.  She also felt inadequate...

02 02 2018

Let’s Talk About Sex: Moral Decay and Hope

Pope Benedict XVI once famously wrote: “What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too...” The Holy Father’s wise statement was made in the context of allowing for wider use of the Traditional Latin Mass, although his words can be applied more broadly. This maxim is nowhere more evident than in the shamefully fla...

11 27 2017

The Search for Intimacy: Real vs. Counterfeit

For most men, viewing pornography is really a search for intimacy.  In fact, some experts have referred to pornography addiction as an intimacy disorder (Laaser, 2004).  Many addicted people did not have secure emotional attachments to their parents, siblings, friends, etc. as young children.  Deep down they crave an intimate attachment; but bec...

06 08 2016

How Pornography Affects Young People

Pornography is a major problem in our society, particularly among young people. An alarming number of young people spend countless hours viewing pornography.  What they don’t realize is how pornography really affects them.  They may view it a simple “adult entertainment,” when in reality it is seriously hurting them. To understand pornog...

03 14 2016

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