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The World Does Not Honor the Housewife, So We Must

The word “vocation” gets sort of abused by both the world and in Churchy-talk.  In the Church we use it to refer only in the sense of the objective states in life of marriage and the priesthood or religious life.  In the world, it usually refers just to a specific skill or job, usually one of humble estate – a “vocational school” is whe...

03 07 2019

Fatherhood: Be A Gift to Your Children

When I was young, there was a shelf in our living room that had a bunch of random stuff on it. Among the odd items was a smooth rock with a simple phrase painted on it: “When giving your children the things you never had, don’t forget to give them the things you did have.” I think it has been 30 years since I last saw that knickknack, so I ma...

04 11 2018

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