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Love Renounces

It was a quiet breakfast, as to be expected.  The invitation to ski up into the wilderness on New Years Day sounded like a good idea, in August.  Now was a moment of sober re-evaluation, accented by sub-zero temperatures, sleep deprivation, and a touch of influenza (a gift from the East Coasters).  Everyone ate in silence and pondered the sam...

03 21 2016

Tree Line

Willow Lake, situated at just above 11,500 feet, is at the edge of the habitat where trees are capable of growing. What makes this lake unique is that the tree line happens to divide the lake in half. For the 3,000 feet from the town of Crestone to the lake, the mountains are filled with pines, furs and the occasional aspen grove. For the 3,000 fee...

08 06 2014

A Pilgrimage to Beauty: The Gandegghütte

It was one year ago today that we set out on a pilgrimage to beauty. Like all pilgrims, we were in search of the God lost in Eden. But unlike most pilgrims, our path was not a physical journey, but a transcendental one. The way of this pilgrimage was beauty itself. Seeking God who is himself the fullness of beauty, we took the great theological aes...

06 22 2014

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