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6 Ways to Make Sure You’re Actually Moving Toward Your Dreams

The smell of a brand new baseball always set me off.  It was heavenly.  The peacefulness of the baseball diamond could overtake me at times, allowing my mind to wander dangerously in the middle of a pitcher’s wind up.  The aroma of dirt, fresh cut grass, popcorn, and sweat complemented the perfect swing; when I couldn’t even feel the ball hi...

07 12 2018

Begin With a Noble End In Mind

One of the ways that the ancient philosophers used to demonstrate that money was not the source of happiness was to show that people were only happy when they spent it, that is, gave it away for something else that they wanted.  That rather simple and obvious fact made it clear that money was not the destination desired, but rather a point on the ...

By Mr. David Simpson 11 16 2015

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