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How Black Lives Matter Can Help Black Lives More: Focusing on Fatherhood

Louisiana. Minnesota. Dallas. President Obama and Speaker Paul Ryan responded differently to the events of Dallas, but with one common assumption: peaceful protest. They said (and rightly so) that the people of Dallas were exercising their first amendment rights in protesting the violence of two policemen the previous week. Many marched for p...

09 07 2016

Why Adele’s “Hello” Brought Me to My Knees…

I had lost my interest in pop culture. It’s cheap, it’s short-lived, it’s flavor-of-the-week. “What’s here today is gone tomorrow.” There won’t be “classic” radio stations playing our music in 50 years… Further, being in “Churchy” environments all my life, I’m tired of Christians spinning secular songs and “d...

By Mr. John Henry 11 11 2015

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