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The Ascent of Assent

Dostoevsky wrote that “to achieve perfection, one must first begin by not understanding many things” (The Idiot, p. 553). Indeed the one who strives for perfection in holiness learns rather quickly that it is a process of continual “unlearning.” By this, we do not mean an irrationalism, but of a process by which one’s conceptions are tran...

09 26 2016

The True Meaning of “Verso l’Alto”

For the Catholic seeking God in the mountains, there is an expression more proverbial and iconic than any other.  It is a terse Italian phrase, scribbled onto a photograph in 1925 by the late Pier Giorgio Frassati.  It remains not merely the key into his sanctified existence, but an insight into the true nature of climbing.  But to unpack the be...

By Fr. John Nepil 10 21 2015

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