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Are you ready to follow Jesus? Good. Burn Bridges, Sink Ships, and Smash Computers.

You have probably heard the saying "Don't burn your bridges." This small snippet of wisdom is meant to teach us to keep all of our options open in case we need to retreat back to a place of safety. For example we may want to return to an old career after a new career doesn't work out, so we depart from our current job keeping everything intact in c...

08 09 2019

What “Discipleship” Models Get Wrong About Christianity 

Many Catholics think that Protestants are “ahead of the curve” on innovative evangelization.  In some ways there’s much to learn from Protestants, but some things just don’t fit.  One area that Catholics have recently picked up language and habits is in the idea of “spiritual multiplication,” which is often described as the definition...

06 04 2019

What is Discipleship?

By Chris Ratliff The notion of discipleship is a powerful one. For anyone to say he is a Christian ought to mean, "I am a disciple of Christ." And to be a disciple means you strive hold nothing back from your commitment to follow him. Examining the simple logic that true discipleship leads to salvation -- everlasting life in the presence of God -...

01 30 2019

Discipleship is Not Just Servant Leadership

One of the hardest discernments in the spiritual life, one of the hardest things to see, is how self-love creeps into our actions and motivations.  All men fancy their actions are truly for others.  Just consider within yourself how quickly you can add a dash of charity to all you do – “Oh I work hard to provide for my family;” “How I lov...

12 18 2018

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