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Demons, Penance, and Screwtape’s Last Vision of You

Prudence discerns worthy ends to pursue.  Justice enacts means to reach the ends while giving to others and God what is due to them.  Fortitude endures the attacks from without (picture a fortified fort getting pelted by the enemy).  And temperance endures the attacks from the passions within us (cowardice, treachery, etc.). Man was made by a...

10 27 2018

Demons Among Us and Alfie Evans

Fear should not consume our lives, but it is always lurking in the shadows of our souls; creating obstacles in our passage. Although we should completely trust God’s direction and actions, it is nearly impossible to disregard fear in totality. My biggest fear is losing one of my beautiful four children to the grip of death. I cannot imagine; nor...

07 25 2018

Do Exorcism Movies Give Satan Too Much Credit?

Before arriving at the most exciting part of exorcism (theology) let's do some comparison of world religions (philosophy.)  A couple sentences should be enough for us to understand the differing views of good and evil.  In Eastern religions, like Taoism, evil and good are co-equal forces that balance each other in order to keep the universe in te...

By Fr. Dave Nix 10 09 2015

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