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Color Me Church Militant… With Ashes

A headline flashed recently that a young boy in Utah was made to wipe off his Ash Wednesday cross from his forehead.  This prompted me to recall an event from a couple of years ago. After Ash Wednesday Mass, I overheard a woman lament the administering of ashes on children.  “It’s terrible that we tell our youth that they’re ‘dust.’  I...

03 19 2019

Women Don’t Deserve Combat

“For whenever man is responsible for offending a woman's personal dignity and vocation, he acts contrary to his own personal dignity and his own vocation.” (Pope St. John Paul II, Mulieris Dignitatem, 10) December 3, 2015 ought to be remembered as the date that any remaining vestiges of our country’s collective sense of chivalry died a tra...

01 04 2016

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