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Three Things Every Man Should Carry

I always love seeing old men looking dapper in their three piece suits, possibly with a hat (that they never wear inside).  Now are the days of hoodies, jeans and flip-flops (all of which I own) coupled with cool impassivity. Something has been lost in this hyper-casual culture, and I think men are working up to it.  But I would say we just don...

09 29 2017

Should Women Be Punished for Having an Abortion?

In an recent MSNBC interview, Chris Matthews and Donald Trump were discussing the logistics of banning abortion in the United States. Mr. Matthews asked the Republican frontrunner if women who have an abortion should be punished since Mr. Trump’s pro-life views hold that abortion is the willful destruction of a human life and, as such, should be ...

04 14 2016

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