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The Prophet of Scripture and the Wizard of Fantasy: Part I: Archetypes and Myths

Archetypes In her book, Awakening the Heroes Within, Carol S. Pearson discusses twelve archetypes. According to psychologist Carl Jung, an archetype is a symbol or motif that is repeatedly represented in mythology, art and literature. In all forms of storytelling we see universal characters and situations that are unrelated, yet they share many of...

12 24 2019

Demons, Penance, and Screwtape’s Last Vision of You

Prudence discerns worthy ends to pursue.  Justice enacts means to reach the ends while giving to others and God what is due to them.  Fortitude endures the attacks from without (picture a fortified fort getting pelted by the enemy).  And temperance endures the attacks from the passions within us (cowardice, treachery, etc.). Man was made by a...

10 27 2018

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